Next session Weds 3rd July.

Dice on the Hill will be open every Wednesday up to and including Weds 24th July, after which we’ll be taking a summer break, and resuming on Wednesday 4th September.

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Dice on the Hill Tabletop Gaming Society is a community of people who love to play and discover games.

We are based in Shrewsbury House, on top of Shooters Hill. One of the highest points in London.

Sessions are Every Wednesday (£3 per person)
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Shrewsbury House – Room 2, Bushmore Crescent, Shooters Hill, London SE18 3EG

We offer opportunities to discuss and meet players of the games you already know and love, as well as opportunities for finding and trying games you never knew existed.

The games we cover are of all sorts, from the simple to the insanely complex. We play role-playing games, card games, strategy games, war games, dice games, and board games, we’re always open to trying the new and unknown!

We work together to set up times for games, so don’t get discouraged if we aren’t playing a game that you think is awesome. Just suggest the game at a meeting, and we’ll work on a day when interested people can get together and play!

Anybody aged 12 or over can join, so get ready for laughter and adventure in a world of games!

Session #4 / The Sunless Citadel – Table 3 – D&D 5e

The goblin cowered, and pleaded for its life. It was fortunate the party were in a forgiving mood. There was no killing blow. Seeing the possibility it could survive, the pathetic creature tried its luck.  “I will help you” it said. “I guide … take to Leader … to...

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Session #38 / Toxic City Mall – Table 2 – Zombicide

A glorious victory. A close one, paid for in blood, only some of it our own. We were faced with a quandary early on, to open the door to the mall and let the toxic denizens out even though we weren't ideally equipped to defeat them, or push on elsewhere. We chose the...

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Session #3 / The Sunless Citadel – Table 3 – D&D 5e

The party successfully bargained with the Kobold Queen and were offered a prize upon return, but only if they were to rescue Calcryx the dragon. The key, could be that prize. The queen gave them leave to rest before their dangerous journey into goblin territory. As...

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Contact us to discuss a place at your preferred game, or just turn up on the day and there’ll be something fun to play!

Session cost: £3 per person.

Aged 12 or over. Children of a slightly younger age (10/11) are welcome. But please CLICK HERE to read our rules on children.

Additional Tables will be available if you wish to bring along your own game to play.

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