TABLE 2 – Zombicide Black Plague (Board Game)

Table Organiser: Jo Bain

Wednesday 12th December 2018
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Weds 26th December – CLOSED
Weds 2nd January – CLOSED
Weds 9th January – OPEN

The campaign is hotting up, and next year things will get even tougher. If you think you can help please join us..but beware the Wolves are running.

Table run and figures painted by Jo. It’s worth playing just to see the wonderful skill involved in bringing these plastic miniatures to life.

A great game to pop in and play. What ever time you arrive we will fit you in, and you can take up the good fight.



Zombicide Black Plague is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players that brings the relentless zombie-killing action of Zombicide into a brand new fantasy setting. Control a party of survivors as they fight to rid the land of an invasion of zombies and Necromancers controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, learn spells, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies rise to face them!

Your goal is simple: complete the quest, kill as many zombies as possible, and don’t die! Survivors will be up against slow shambling zombies, Runners, Fatties and the deadly Abomination, made famous in previous Zombicide games. However, you’ll also be up against the powerful new Necromancers. Collect your friends, find epic loot, cast spells, and take the zombie body count to new heights!