TABLE 2 – Zombicide Black Plague (Board Game)

Table Organiser: Jo Bain

Wednesday 27th March 2019
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

The sheer might of the Black-Currant had no rival. Though amongst the rest of us we had so many with the shove and taunt skills the board of zombies sometimes looked a bit like a pinball game. Great spread of the powerful ranged weapons amongst the party (Silas who?). Quite odd in that even when we did risky moves, they paid off, and were never really in any threat of being ovewhelmed. Might be tough next week. With the wolves back in play, and on a smaller board (6tiles) their movement and the long ranged undead archers are harder to avoid. But we’re a lucky bunch who never suffer a unlucky string of dodgy dice rolls, right?

A total victory tonight. Or would be, if we had but a few more turns. Amazing performances all round. The two new Abominations got slapped down whenever they popped up. Only one Necromancer escaped our clutches. Despite their route to success being short they were no match for medieval Batman. Looks like a 9-tile game for next week. Replaying one from last week that some missed out on and those that didn’t will miss next session so it all works out. Should be no wolves, but the generous V.I.P.S will be there with the skeletal archers that cause us to backpedal. Keeping out of sight of their range of 3 automatically hitting bows seems the way to go.

I died tonight, so we only managed another partial victory. Used one of the older scenarios we missed as we couldn’t do a 9-tile game back then. So went without the wolves and lupine abominations, the Ablobination returned and brought with it a new zombie type. Deadeye Walkers. Skeletons with bows. They’ve a range of 3 zones, so keeping out of sight is the best defence as with all zombie attacks they automatically hit. We’ll return to Wulfsberg next week, but perhaps the Deadeye Walkers will join the wolves.

What a peculiar game that was tonight. I was awful, but at least I lived. Two characters that were doing well going down so fast in the middle of the game hurt us, but at least gave us a chuckle, and such a dramatic exit for the second. Releasing the power of a magic weapon to nuke all the zombies around him, and going up in the conflagration. The zombie hordes stacked up beyond our capacity to trim their numbers, preventing us putting more on when the spawn cards required it, so those already present gained extra turns which was all they needed to march on and pull down another two heroes. My character (not me, nah ah, maybe) performed abysmally, but at least she lived. The elf was close to lapping her in exp’.

Was a great game tonight. Lots of ooohs and aighs and turns were either awesome or dreadful. Anton powered ahead and lapped some of us with his exp’, also earning 4 of the 5 vault weapons through mowing through the VIP zombies. He generously shared them about to spread the joy. Some cunning creeping out of sight of zombies line of sight, along with inspired choices of which spawn zones to remove after downing a Necromancer gave us a chance. The blue and green objectives were all we needed and was pure back luck they were last two remaining to acquire, but were nabbed just before my psycho-nun was eaten. Victory.
Back to 9 tiles next week? Turn up to find out!

Quite a peculiar game tonight. The dice were against us, but the cards did everything we could have wanted. Perhaps we should have gone in with just 6 survivors. Next week we should be trying our first 9-tile game. A scenario called The Evil Twins. A pair of abominations are lurking, popping up when we find a colourful objective. I’ve a pair of new abominations that look alike to serve that role. Will just have regular abomination rules though. We should see those models return when we dive into the next expansion, with their special rules. One of them likes destroying seige weapons, and we don’t get them until that expansion.

Second time lucky for the Zombiciders this week. A well earned success.
You’d do worse than to simply watch these guys at work. Team work at its finest.


Table run and figures painted by Jo. Pop along for some painting tips, and to see his excellent work.



Zombicide Black Plague is a cooperative board game for 1 to 6 players that brings the relentless zombie-killing action of Zombicide into a brand new fantasy setting. Control a party of survivors as they fight to rid the land of an invasion of zombies and Necromancers controlled by the game itself. Survivors find weapons, learn spells, battle zombies, and gain experience. The more experienced they get, the more powerful they become, but the more zombies rise to face them!

Your goal is simple: complete the quest, kill as many zombies as possible, and don’t die! Survivors will be up against slow shambling zombies, Runners, Fatties and the deadly Abomination, made famous in previous Zombicide games. However, you’ll also be up against the powerful new Necromancers. Collect your friends, find epic loot, cast spells, and take the zombie body count to new heights!