Our three intrepid adventurers were hired by a local fixer in Waterdeep, known as The Spider, who tasked them with stealing Lord Andirel’s prized possession, a solid silver Raven – the catch? He only puts it on display during his lavish (and heavily guarded) parties. Undeterred, Rodrik, Bertie & Billy headed over to the masquerade ball in their finest outfits, with tickets provided by The Spider. 

Their initial plan of pretending to be scholars who needed to ‘inspect’ the raven were given short shrift by the rather-drunk Lord Andirel, but a quick visit to Lord Andirel’s gift shop provided them with a perfect facsimilie of the raven, a bottle of the lord’s signature scent (‘Scent of an Andirel – because you’re worth it) which proved to be quite poisonous – and a plan started to come together.

They explored the party and found another drunk noble in the garden, who complained to them that Lord Andirel had stolen the Silver Raven from his family, and they managed to persuade him to go in and cause a bit of a scene. The noble lost his bottle a bit, after a few poor persuasion rolls, but was finally convinced to challenge Lord Andirel to a duel. Andirel wasn’t keen, but our heroes managed to whip up a bit of excitement in the crowd and egged them on – and soon the Lord found it difficult to refuse, and everyone trooped out to the garden to watch the duel – minus three guards.

Using a few drops of the perfume in a glass of wine, the main guard – Cirn – who was watching over the case containing the raven was poisoned. This plan was looking good, until they inexplicably told the other two guards that Cirn had been poisoned and made them suspicious. At this point, Cirn started vomiting up blood and the party’s bard cast sleep on the two remaining guards – only one was affected. The Rogue and the Ranger set about brutally dispatching this poor household guard, with the Rogue sticking a rapier through his throat to finish him off, while the Bard tried to lift the glass case off of the plinth holding the raven, only to see it crash down to the floor. Thankfully, the raucous noise coming from the duel in the garden masked the noise, and they hastily dropped the forged raven next to the broken glass case, and made a swift exit – picking up their coats and weapons from the coat check station on the way out.

As they made their way through the streets, they heard the howls of Lord Andirel calling for his guards to seal the exits and find the villains who had made off with his prized silver raven – the facsimile wasn’t as good as they thought – but Lord Andirel was too late, and the three rascals made their way through the back alleys of Waterdeep to reunite with The Spider and collect their reward for a job – mostly – well done.