This Wednesday being two flavours of Zombicide, been going through spawn and weapon decks making them right for the occasion. Black Plague, the fantasy version, will have regular zombies, nothing too weird. A good scenario though. Involves a hunt for keys through nabbing objectives, allowing access to vaults which have some tasty weapons and access to the exit.The modern setting makes up for the lack of magic with guns. Lots of guns. In a recent scenario there was a mighty explosion, the noise of which was drawing zombies. It was a nuclear reactor going kablooie. All that toxicity has turn the City Mall into a mess of regular and toxic zombies. There’s some new guns and gas maska to fold into deck, which may be essential as fighting a toxic zombie hand to hand can result in them exploding all over you. We’ve a bunch of new survivors to fold into the already wide choices we have available too. Dirty Harry with his signature Magnums is a reference I expect will pass by some of our younger players.

We got a new player who proved an excellent addition. Everyone recognised the threat the new toxic zombies presented and dealt with them accordingly (avoid, don’t hit ’em, shoot). Really though tonights game could be called “The Search For Sheldon”. With the other 6 main cast members of the Big Bang Theory in attendance, they’d exhausted other options prior to the game so we picked up just as they were checking out the comic book store. They didn’t find him, but found Stuart. He’d succumbed to injuries and was hungry for brains. He was of course terminally denied them. The hunt went on, pushing through the mall, guns first, out along the street, cars were employed to run down zombies. Eventually Sheldon was found cowering beneath a sink surrounded by zombies he’d beaten with a pan for daring to sit in his seat. Just in time too. A Total victory achieved bare minutes before we’d have to call time.