Tonight didn’t go as well as it could. Could have been worse though, it could have been raining.
We got unlucky early on, with both abominations turning up.
Each of us having turns where the dice laughed at us.
Made up for last week, with no-one taking a wound. This time we were a bloody mess. Lucky someone learned the Medic skill, that started to shift the balance.
Image result for zombivoreIn the end, time defeated us. Or rather, time did before the zombies would have done. In the red zone so the zombies were arriving in big numbers, that meant extra activations from not having enough zombies to place down would have been happening more often. All it would have taken was for one of us to go down permanently, to have less offence to smack the zombies with, we may have started falling like dominoes.
Or maybe we’d have snuck in to grab that last objective(helicopter parts), whacked a zombivor to snag a 2nd gasoline to power up the copter and get outta there.
It was a tough one.
And we’re giving it a second go next week.
And we shall triumph.