SINGS “Don’t you know, you never split the party” SO after a LOT of discussion, both in character & out, of the merits of what type of person would be tastiest for their newest friend The new Warlock Lena & the Archer decided to set out back through the forest to see if they could maybe track down Knutt (The violent husband of Knuttella) or …um….ANYONE unfortunate enough to cross their path, they DID find a cottage trying to sneak away on animated stilt legs (Shades of Baba Yaga methinks) so instead of leaving it well alone Lena pushed the big red button & knocked on the door…combat then ensued with the hut flipping over onto the unfortunate warlock & attempting to devour her with its stake lined insides, Stryker, the ARCHER the BEST SHOT in the party with his BOW a well known DISTANCE weapon obviously ran up onto the animated cottage & proceeded to melee it getting pinned underneath & turned into pavement pizza fortunately the Warlock using NO spells managed to jump out of the window & used her enchanted battleaxe to turn the cottage into kindling. Meanwhile the rest of the group explored the castle in the hope of finding some prisoners to feed to their Master….er….new best buddy, using spells they discovered a secret room filled with undead servants standing motionless next to an abandoned banquet table loaded with silver plates & such, also a cupboard stacked with assorted junk stockpiled over many years, they managed to purloin a couple of magical looking trinket (a dark potion & a mummified hand with a magical ring upon it) without it all collapsing on them kerplunk/jenga style AND a way onwards, a corridor concealed by a fireplace with a magical fire flickering within, the sorcerer used his new Dispel enchantment to quell the flames. Do the party find any captives of the evil Duke Darion? are the prisoners to suffer a fate worse than that which they endure currently? & will the Warlock heal the archer or let him continue looking like a pizza? find out in september in DRAGON WARRIORS