Simon….”Victory with just seconds to spare. Talk about great timing. Great game tonight.”
Jo….. “Expertly done. Riding the sustained injuries while inflicting loads more and nabbing objectives. Shame about lil’ Wolverine getting eaten”.
Simon…. “It felt inevitable we would win at the end but you’re right a few of us only needed one more wound and it was over. Rode our luck perhaps? Had it gone wrong we could always have blamed the dice!”
Jo…. “Moments like scrabbling away from the bigger zombies are great for keeping us humble. I think at the last it was Anton’s keen eye on the goals scored us a victory, directing our trebuchet action to clear a path for him to wiggle through to the last objective. As the big guys closed in on the rest of us, we have to imagine the victory does something to the magics directing them so we get our celebration, hairy Dwarves playing a “yub nub” tune on goblin skulls.”