Meanwhile the two remaining drow over by the slave pen had recovered Mac’s unconscious body from the webs, and held short swords to his throat. Ilvara, still hovering in the air in levitation, commanded once again, “surrender, or your companion will die, NOW!’. It was a desperate situation. Silas, took no delay, and launched an Eldritch Blast, an absolutely astounding shot which killed the first drow stone dead. Irky, inspired by his companions nerve also took aim, and with careful precision took down the second drow elf, who was already injured, but more than ready to kill the helpless Mac.

Ilvara screamed. Her next action was to summon an insect swarm. Surely that would see the situation at an end. All the prisoners must die!

A plague of locusts filled the stalactite chamber. Forcing them all out of the exit on the far side and into the firing line of the remaining drow over the other side of Eldritch Blast. Jordan, by this time back up his rope and into the stalactite, then braved the insects in order to get a running jump. This time back across towards the slave pens and onto the floating drow priestess. He made it and sent her crashing to the ground to join her demonic spider somewhere in the darkness below. Jordan now swinging again from the rope was attacked by spiders from the web, which jumped on to the rope and down it’s length to attack. Jordan’s tactics continued to amaze, as he grabbed the spiders and threw them into the darkness below to splat into the distant ground. 

The rest of the group now emboldened continued the fight against the drow on other side. Mac and Bowelin summoned their constitution and recovered their senses. Mac weaved between the nearby Quaggoths and jumped to the stalactite, to join the party. No time to rest and now reunited they equipped from the weapons racks in the armoury and continued across the rope bridge on the other side. The remaining drow meanwhile were being mobilised by the remaining priestess. She was keeping a low profile after Silas had almost killed her at range, but they could hear her commands echoing out across the cavern. 

The party were up for the flight. Mac and Bowelin went into the next stalactite were they found the drow high priestess’s quarters and Lloth shrine. They took no time to loot and desecrate. Mac being particularly pleased with his haul, which included a black, drow like spider mask. When worn the wearer would move across the web like a spider. Mac used it to return to the slave pen and free the remaining prisoners. Meanwhile the rest of them were in a fight against the remaining drow. A drow elite warrior, the high priestesses chosen one, stealthily attacked under the cover of magical darkeness. 

The fight was precarious on the narrow ledge in pitch black that not even their night vision could penetrate. Prince Derendil did not have the stomach for it and he clung to the cave wall. But Irky, Silas and Tilo gave it everything they had and the drow elite was forced off the platform and onto the webs. He was soon taken out, the drow warriors routed, and the priestess so close to retreating herself was killed by another awesome eldritch bolt from Silas. 

Incredibly the party has conquered Velkenyve. A tale fit for heroes. But would that tale ever be told in the light of day? They were free, but they were also trapped, in the depths of the Underdark.

Jorlan the scarred elf appeared and congratulated them. He was satisfied that Ilyvara would be humiliated for this and he would have his revenge for the wrongs that she had done him. He encouraged them to escape, saying that a huge drow contingent was on it’s way to collect them, and deliver much needed supplies. The high priestess and her demon spider would most likely be going to meet these drow. Together they would return and she will try and recover her reputation. She will never let them live.

The party took a well deserved rest, and then discussed what to do. All their new companions, far more at home in the Underdark, had their own ideas of where to go. They eventually decided to travel to the nearest city. Sloobludop, the Kuo-Toa settlement on the edge of the Darklake. There, Suushar (their pacifist Kuo-Toa companion promised, they will find help in returning to the surface. 

Eight days of relatively eventless travel, largely due to the expertise go Bowelin in avoiding such things and the group find themselves on the edge of the Darklake, with Sloobludop in their sights.