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Sessions #55-57 / The Elven Crystals – Table 1 – Dragon Warriors

STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND……Appearing in a dark alleyway in an unknown arabic style city the group waste no time Lena & Storm set about securing transport, that means camels, foul stinking obstinate beasts…but enough about the party :slight_smile: After leaving a set of magical (cursed) armour as a deposit enough were secured to transport the group along with supplies for all. Magrat attempted to gain access to a temple in to learn of local culture & customs but after one look at the foreign unaccompanied woman with a bundle of spiked flesh in her arms the guards firmly turned her away (The bundle being a gull chick that Karvala ‘quickened’ magically) then there was Karen….who tried to purchase maps from a scroll seller, spooking him with her mannerisms & questions about unclaimed treasures, the burial places of his pharoh’s, he grabbed his stock & scarpered followed by an amazingly stealthy Karen who bopped the old man on the head & pilfered his stock, unknowingly watched by a silent observer, before making her way back to the marketplace in time to see Lena talking to patrol of knights Cappellar …the knight watchmen :slight_smile: all went well however with the witness to the mugging (Maimoona) reporting to her master instead of the authorities, her master, a mage of some repute & power healed the scrollseller & negotiated compensation from the party before assigning Maimoona his daughter? to offer her services as a guide/translator & so they set out NOT exploring the exotic new city or buying new & exciting things…the first day on the sands they avoid a nomad camp & that night were ambushed by undead wearing the armour of the Selentine empire (Romans) that fought using the tactics of same yet were slain all too easily by the O P group THE SANDS AWAIT…..

LET IT BEE… led to an oasis by their thirsty camels & tempted by the prospect of free freshwater our desert wanderers find a tree overhanging the pool offering pleasant shade HOWEVER an overly
large bee nest is hanging from the branches, as they party refill their bottles Storm, Karen & Azemar are investigated by curious bees each about two fists in size, one likes the smell of Storms components & clambers inside his robes, Karen sprayed hers with water angering it before she took cover in the oasis while Azemar merely activated his ring of the flaming halo instantly frying his while also rendering him immune to further attacks, Lena tried assisting Storm causing him to bee stung, Magrat was assailed by 3 more but used a psychic shield to nullify them & Maimoona used a fire arrow to destroy the nest instantly bringing the encounter to a swift conclusion with the party able to recover some wax & honey from the mess that fell into the oasis…A FEW DAYS LATER while waiting for a sandstorm to blow itself out Lena felt her camel being dragged away into the storm, confusion reigned with characters being blinded by the sand, blown off their feet & lost in the storm while Azemar used his invisible cloak which he could wrap around himself while still seeing through it & summoning rain to dampen the sandstorm for a short while followed the camel & saw it was being dragged by two winged serpents each bigger than a man, unleashing his elemental powers & aided by his ring yet again Azemar single handedly defeated BOTH the creatures until, at deaths door himself, he struggled back to the tent ro be healed by both Magrat &, eventually, Storm while Lena & Karen are both lost in the storm with Karen being blinded in her one remaining eye & crouched in despair & pain. Will Storms player finally read up on his spells & save the stragglers or leave them to be stripped to the bone by the merciless sands? find out next week in DRAGON WARRIORS

Ready to RRUUMMBBLLEE…Storm, being glove puppeted by Lena’s player, used his magics to save the day, the camel was retrieved along with Lena & Karen taking the encounter from a near TPK to super easy, barely an inconvenience. Further travel led them to a nomad encampment where they were warmly received it being the majority day of the cheiftans eldest son, celebrations were in full swing &, with the exception of Magrat who was dealing with an injured Nomad, the party were given guest rights with Maimoona being a translator being allowed to attend while Lena was expected to go to the womens tent despite the apparantly masculine barbie-barian Karen offering to pose as her husband, Lena was NOT amused!…everyone else found it funny AF. Despite the initial confusion the “ladies” managed to beat their opponents in a wrestling match, wrestling being part of the entertainment, Karen narrowly defeating the cheifs bodyguard while still posing as a man but Lena totally BLITZED her opponent who was less than happy both victor got some jewelled prizes. While the display was going on Azamar was approached by the tribes shaman who offered to train him in the ways of sandcasting (a homebrew attempt at expanding on the Raw Power ability) & after Magrat successfully healed the nomad she was gifted a box of rare herbs…with names in Chinese, what can go wrong? will there be hillarious side effects? will the blitzed opponent attempt revenge? will Karen be outed? what will be revealed…or not, next time in DRAGON WARRIORS

Sessions #53-54 / The Elven Crystals – Table 1 – Dragon Warriors

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!………..A small break where Magrat & storm both invest time & Gold in potion making, Lena searches for a leech that walks in sunlight & Stryker is guided by an arrogant elf in skills that will hopefully enable him to assume the mantle of ‘The Hooded One’ a champion of the wild & fey…This was bought to a sudden end as tthe group (Minus Stryker) were teleported to the tower of Karvala, a being of almost ultimate power in the world of Legend, who informes the group that he is bored & requires amusement, a fight to the death would do the trick with the victor being gifted a one use spell of their choice.

Swiftly alliances were forged & an arena created, a volcano surrounded by forest inhabited by bears with the characters appearing at random spots. The Barbiebarian swiftly showed her prowess by…failing all but one of her attacks, Lena the Warlock/demonologist leech wannabe was somewhat more devastating using NO spells just that nasty ol’ axe, Storm made use of his trapped gargoyle to scout until it was shot by Azemar the Elementalist who in turn got eaten by a bear, leaving the dark horse of the event Magrat JUST lasting a lil longer than the others before she would have been dropped from the sky by the gargoyle…of course all was a facsimile & none were hurt, just their magically created dopplegangers but still amusement was paid for, spells bestowed & at their request the group were teleported to a different part of the world to engage in some pyramid looting….what could go wrong?

Sessions #41-52 / The Elven Crystals – Table 1 – Dragon Warriors

A brief(ish) synopsis….
After dispelling the magical flames the Storm (Sorcerer) & Magrat (village Witch/Mystic) managed to trigger, & more importantly ESCAPE, a gas trap in the corridor…& promptly ran when they saw a few bones laying midway along it deciding to await the return of the Archer & the Warlock. Meanwhile Lena (the warlock/Demonologist/vampire wannabe) & Stryker the Archer found the home of Knutt the somewhat unhinged & violent forester & dropped him like a sack of spuds pausing only to give an empowering speech to his abused wife….before KOing her as well & returning to the castle with both, a medieval ubereats for vampires & then FINALLY returning Clothilda to the village & her grateful father. Magrat conferred with Sylvi, the local Cunning woman who, with the aid of a certain tea, managed to free Lena from her bloodthrall to Valyane (the vampire) HOWEVER as yet unknown to the party the tralldom was a willing choice by Lena who only agree’s to being freed so she may find another more powerful leech to learn from, watch this space for further development of THAT story.
Returning to the castle after resting up the group decide to confront Valyane, aware that he is a powerful opponent they spent much time planning…none of which survived first contact with the enemy, Lena decided to NOT be part of it as she would be way too susceptible to Valyane’s domination/charm effects but the party was only able to access his lair one or two at a time & found he was hopped up on psycho woodcutter blood, expecting the cultured arrogant veneer he had previously shown the berserk powerfully strong leech nearly caused their undoing…nearly! wounds were taken & the leech turned into a red mist that was absorbed by the two handed sword that he casually swung single handedly…..& then they departed leaving the prisoners they had heard tell of unrescued & forgotten to continue the quest for the last section of the crystal, even so, the land surrounding the forest seemed livelier despite it being winter, evil had been given a spanking & the power of Rimfax had been thwarted, at least for a while
Magrat leads our group of murderhobos south to a fishing village where the magical trail they had been following vanishes, the traditional surly villagers avoid the party, closing doors or fleeing as they approach & after a miscommunication from Magrat offering to make the innkeeper ‘feel better’ (He looked tired) leading his wife to fell less than well disposed toward the group the party are all but ostracized with only one person making an effort to be friendly, he introduces himself as Captain Rakehell (I pictured him as a Brian Blessed type character) recently washed up as his ship, the Rogue Princess, was wrecked somewhere nearby despite the lighthouse being clearly visible in the storm, further investigation of the area revealed that the village had turned to wrecking ships rather than fishing & eventually they found & interrupted a ritual with the last of Rakehells crew being a snackrifice to a huge sea creature, & on his chest is the final piece of the crystal
Combat ensues, the cultist priest manages to paralyse Lena Rakehell & Magrat, Storm was out of spells & Stryker…..shot the snackrifice thus completing the ritual & allowing the creature to attack those on shore HOWEVER Magrats powers do not reqire chants or gestures like other spellcasters & even while paralysed she snatched victory from the jaws, & tentacles, of defeat using telekenesis to snaffle the crystal while strker took care of the priest before he could unleash any more foul magics upon them, then Storm snatched up a scroll from the downed priest & while barely understanding it power only that it was destructive in nature unleashed a BLAST of energy that sore wounded the creature but also caused the cave to collapse with the group, now freed from paralysis with the death of the caster, barely able to escape
Joining the final section of the crystal caused a portal to another realm to open, Elvaron instructs them to find Albus (yes this was written BEFORE Harry Potter) which is in Elvarons tomb, guarded by an IMMENSE demonic wolf that sets about digging its way into the barrowmound as the party loots the corpse (with permission) while they search a fragment of Rimfaxes power manifests in a final effort to thwart the party, Capt Rakehell after realizing he is unable to harm the being, snaffles one of the items & sneaks out, once more the group prevailed using the power of Albus (Elvarons sword) & managed to sneak out just ahead of the Demon in wolf form & returning Albus to the land of Ereworn where its power reinforces the magic of the land….& there was much rejoicing
Previous Sessions Overview

Previous Sessions Overview

08/05/19 So, the assassin somehow infiltrated the ranks of the party. They just couldn’t suck an accusations on him, and he had already fenced the stolen party funds by investing in local real estate. As it happens his skills may come in handy as they now try to save...

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