Great fun tonight. Killing zombies against the clock. Quite a remarkable night of Zombicide all round, memorable in “club history”.  Adding the spawn cards for Lost Zombivors (bitten survivors that had succumb to plague) to the deck, I purposefully inserted them in spaced out so as not to encounter them as a clump, then the shuffling rearranged them to appear as clumps. Very odd. The target of managing two small scenarios got blown past, and snuck a cheeky third one in there.

Image result for zombicide big bang theoryThe first was a simple enough matter of urgently legging it to the spawn zones to turn them off, the zombies in our path didn’t seem a major impediment. Done in under an hour. The second scenario limited our numbers to one per player, as we set about rescuing hidden survivors. That took a while, maybe a whole hour and half.
The third just required nabbing all the objectives. Simple enough, but there were four spawns zones to contend with and with such a small board they didn’t have to move far to be a threat. Fortunately that meant we didn’t have to move far to deal with them. Over three games we only got wounded a couple of times. A few new weapons, toxic versions of all the zombies we regularly face (they need shooting else they splash us). Been thinking, with that Big Bang Theory show coming to a close we could fold that in. With 7 survivors based on the cast. The Wolowitz character has a nifty +1damage-Ranged that could help deal with toxic fatties and even Abominations.

Brilliant game. Well played by all. Consistent heroic greatness. Not that we had it all go our way, with the zombies hurting half of us and one on the verge of death.
The only scenarios left in the initial campaign now, and next session we will do both in one go!. Or at least, if the first one goes as quickly as I suspect. The first only has two spawn zones, and our goal is to get to them to shut them off, meanwhile the zombies are trying to escape the board (there’s something loud attracting them, a nuclear reactor going into meltdown and infecting the patrons of a certain City Mall). I don’t expect we’ll get to do a lot of searching in that one, with zombie threats from the start. the next we start with just one survivor, regardless of how many players we number, though through objective nabbing we could rescue more survivors to add to our ranks. Both are only 4 tiles, but that can mean the spawns don’t take long to reach us or give us ample time to focus our efforts in any particular direction. looks small and easily achievable. It’s possible we could crack two of those out. Then once done, and on the session after, we’ll dive into the first of the expansion and visit the Toxic City Mall.

Surprises me how many of our games are so different to how others play out. This one focused on just a couple of board tiles. All we had to do was collect 6 food items, get them and all survivors into cars and vroom off. Without objectives nudging us to explore the bulk of the table we hovered around one end. Dipping in and out of a room to search it for supplies. With four spawn zones close by it wasn’t without its challenges. Image result for Angela Lansbury, zombicideHalf of us took damage. It could so easily have been worse,. An abomination found us early on, so we had to kite it back and forth until we had the weaponry to deal with it (Angela Lansbury, shooting through a door, with a flamethrower, Zombicide She Wrote). Some lucky dice early on accompanied what looked like heroic last stands, so we all progressed at a fair pace. Hitting orange sparked some interesting choices. The lady from Kill Bill elected to go around toting two rifles, while Angela Lansbury took a break from her flamethrower to train her medic skills and chase down those of us that were wounded. I had a great time watching Hannibal Lector pull off some risky last minute fire axe action during the zombies phase with his Zombie Link skill. There was some cosmic fate at play with me failing to find a single food item, while Arthur found 4 of them – same thing happened in Black Plague.

Next week should be another sprawling table. And should be joined by a new zombie type. Lost Zombivors. As when we succumb to our wounds and fight on through sheer force of will, it’s a temporary thing as soon or later that fall into wanting a diet of brains. The Lost represent those troubled souls. They take 5 hits to lay to rest, and allow us to snag a regular weapon from the deck that they’ve carried and forgotten how to use.

Total victory tonight. Albeit with one survivor not managing to, er, survive. We turtled up for several turns early on, searching until we were all equipped for the day of slaughter. Judicious use of flashlights and the destiny skill helped us stock up. Even managed to cobble together two molotov cocktails early on. Unfortunate then, that when we needed to use one a survivor was unable to get away, and wouldn’t have been able to in the next few turns either. He was pinned down by an abomination with many friends and more joining the horde every turn. It was a mercy killing really, saving him from being turned into a zombie. By the end we had a couple of characters in the orange exp zone, the others weren’t doing badly either with tactical use of molotovs and objective nabbing. Achille (Hannibal Lector) proved a great new addition, was well used too. His zombie link skill gave him many extra turns, and later on earned the distributor skill alowing him to choose which spawn zones each spawn card was placed on.

An interesting game. An early fatality, death by boldness and bad lack. Lots of up and downs, people getting bit, fighting off zombies so successfully the turns ending with cleared tiles. Cars getting used. Great combinations of skills and equipment.

Upgrading from the frying pans of last week, things got even better for our Zombie Killers. Not a loss, a partial victory or even a total victory. Need a new classification. Total victory plus? All our objectives met, the path to escape clear for us, electing to stay and commit further zombicide for the hell of it. Every survivor served us well, pretty much every skill we had amongst us getting used, and everyone getting a decent assortment of weaponry. It could have proved more of a tense situation, with the abominations turning up, if that powerful “pa’s gun” hadn’t been found. We’d have been searching for the glass bottles and gasoline to make molotovs, while having to trim the zombie numbers and evade the abominations.

Hope the next session goes well. Trickiest part will likely be the addition of drivable cars into the mix. The hit and run tactic works well, but can see one survivor leap ahead in exp while others are lagging behind, could always be a good way to help a lagging survivor catch up. With only one driving seat amongst the four possible seats, when more than one person fancies driving it can prove worthwhile to think a turn ahead and switch seats to suit the turn order the next turn will have.

First time with the original, modern setting, and a total victory. It is peculiar, mostly familiar, so the slight differences can feel weird. Next week’s game looks like we could complete it quite fast. Only need to reach the exit with one survivor. So I’ll add some distractions. Throw in some of those fancy weapons hidden with objective markers.

Great game tonight. Season finale for Wulfsberg, and a total victory. It didn’t matter that a couple heroes were swamped by the zombies, we nabbed all the objectives and shut down the nexus point for all the Necromancer shennanigans. Everyone seemed to be on top of everything, their skills, maximum effort slapping zombies like it was second nature. With that season over we will be going back to where Zombicide started with the contempary setting. Pistols, baseball bats and the occasional chainsaw. Folk plumped for the original. Much will be familiar, a few things will be different. No necromancers, or vaults, or armour, or quite so many varieties of Abomination. Fancy weapons might be found in critical locations. Cars might be available, to search and go on a driving kill spree amongst the street zones. I figure we should do as we did with Black Plague, start with the basics and slowly fold in all the kooky extra stuff. Less overwhelming, and regular injections of new stuff to keep it fresh.

The sheer might of the Black-Currant had no rival. Though amongst the rest of us we had so many with the shove and taunt skills the board of zombies sometimes looked a bit like a pinball game. Great spread of the powerful ranged weapons amongst the party (Silas who?). Quite odd in that even when we did risky moves, they paid off, and were never really in any threat of being ovewhelmed. Might be tough next week. With the wolves back in play, and on a smaller board (6tiles) their movement and the long ranged undead archers are harder to avoid. But we’re a lucky bunch who never suffer a unlucky string of dodgy dice rolls, right?

A total victory tonight. Or would be, if we had but a few more turns. Amazing performances all round. The two new Abominations got slapped down whenever they popped up. Only one Necromancer escaped our clutches. Despite their route to success being short they were no match for medieval Batman. Looks like a 9-tile game for next week. Replaying one from last week that some missed out on and those that didn’t will miss next session so it all works out. Should be no wolves, but the generous V.I.P.S will be there with the skeletal archers that cause us to backpedal. Keeping out of sight of their range of 3 automatically hitting bows seems the way to go.

I died tonight, so we only managed another partial victory. Used one of the older scenarios we missed as we couldn’t do a 9-tile game back then. So went without the wolves and lupine abominations, the Ablobination returned and brought with it a new zombie type. Deadeye Walkers. Skeletons with bows. They’ve a range of 3 zones, so keeping out of sight is the best defence as with all zombie attacks they automatically hit. We’ll return to Wulfsberg next week, but perhaps the Deadeye Walkers will join the wolves.

What a peculiar game that was tonight. I was awful, but at least I lived. Two characters that were doing well going down so fast in the middle of the game hurt us, but at least gave us a chuckle, and such a dramatic exit for the second. Releasing the power of a magic weapon to nuke all the zombies around him, and going up in the conflagration. The zombie hordes stacked up beyond our capacity to trim their numbers, preventing us putting more on when the spawn cards required it, so those already present gained extra turns which was all they needed to march on and pull down another two heroes. My character (not me, nah ah, maybe) performed abysmally, but at least she lived. The elf was close to lapping her in exp’.

Was a great game tonight. Lots of ooohs and aighs and turns were either awesome or dreadful. Anton powered ahead and lapped some of us with his exp’, also earning 4 of the 5 vault weapons through mowing through the VIP zombies. He generously shared them about to spread the joy. Some cunning creeping out of sight of zombies line of sight, along with inspired choices of which spawn zones to remove after downing a Necromancer gave us a chance. The blue and green objectives were all we needed and was pure back luck they were last two remaining to acquire, but were nabbed just before my psycho-nun was eaten. Victory.
Back to 9 tiles next week? Turn up to find out!

Quite a peculiar game tonight. The dice were against us, but the cards did everything we could have wanted. Perhaps we should have gone in with just 6 survivors. Next week we should be trying our first 9-tile game. A scenario called The Evil Twins. A pair of abominations are lurking, popping up when we find a colourful objective. I’ve a pair of new abominations that look alike to serve that role. Will just have regular abomination rules though. We should see those models return when we dive into the next expansion, with their special rules. One of them likes destroying seige weapons, and we don’t get them until that expansion.

Second time lucky for the Zombiciders this week. A well earned success.
You’d do worse than to simply watch these guys at work. Team work at its finest.


Table run and figures painted by Jo. Pop along for some painting tips, and to see his excellent work.